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NUH as
Several centuries after the Prophet Idris a.s. died, people began to forget the Armenian religious teachings of the Prophet Idris was taken as They returned to worship idols because evil persuasion. Seeing his people of disbelief, Allah Most High. sent a prophet named Noah to bring them back to the right path. Noah still descendants of the Prophet Adam a.s. and the Prophet Idris a.s. He received prophetic at the age of 480 years and preach during the 5th century. But because of his people so stubborn, he just got a few followers. Realizing how hard the head of his people, as Noah requested that Allah Most High. impose upon them. Allah Most High. Noah granted a.s. and ordered him to make a boat with their followers. After the boat is finished, go down the punishment of Allah swt. a flood that drowned all the people of Noah who reneged. The story of Noah a.s. is in the Qur'an, among others, in the chapters describing the mission of Noah and Noah's prayer as
Noah decades a.s. preaching, but his people did not want to follow his teachings and continue to worship idols. In fact they were often persecuted Noah and his followers. For that Noah asked Allah Ta'ala. in order to reduce the punishment for them. Allah Most High. Noah granted. To have people who believe in Noah avoid such punishment, Allah Most High. ordered Noah to make a boat. Together with his followers, Noah collecting nails and a large wooden cutting of trees that he planted over 40 years. Through his revelation, Allah Most High. guided Noah makes a boat strong enough to deal with hurricanes and flooding attacks. The boat is Noah's first sea transport in the world.
People of Noah is the first pagan. In the Qur'an sura 23 verses of Noah, mentioned some of the idols they worship, is Wadd, Suwa, Yaghut, Ya'uq, and Nasr. Noah warned his people act. But they covered my ears, even against the teachings of Noah. For five centuries preaching, Noah only had 70-80 followers, it also comes from the weak.
Noah a.s. is the ninth offspring of the Prophet Adam and the third from the Prophet Idris a.s. His father named Lamik bin Idris bin Metusyalih. Noah a.s. lived for 950 years. He has a wife named Wafilah and four sons, namely Syria, Khan, Yafits, and Kan'an.
Ulul Azmi
Noah a.s. including one of the apostles in the group Ulul azmi (people who have a strong will and determination), for his patience in the face of his people. He was preaching during the 5th century. He faced his people with the patience and wisdom. Day and night, he kept trying to take them back to worship Allah.
From the fourth son of Noah as, only three people who survived the flood, because obedient and follow the teachings brought by his father. As for a longer, ie Kan'an, drowned due to Allah swt. that. Noah was sad because his son did not want to follow his teachings. But he realized that his son was among those who received punishment infidels from Allah.
When the water higher, Noah's ark a.s. began to move and the rest of the ship to pray:
"... In the name of Allah at the time sailing and berlabuhnya. Verily my Lord is Oft really forgiving, Most Merciful" (Q.11: 41).
Penalty FLOOD
After the boat made a perfect Noah, come down the command of Allah. so Noah with his followers to go up to the boat with each pair of animals. With the permission of Allah., Water poured from the sky and radiating from the earth. Large floods also hit the towns, villages, land and hilltops. The Noah who was swallowed by the flood refuse. After the great flood, the sky gradually brightened and the earth sucked floodwaters. Noah's boat finally docked at Mount Judie around Mausul River, Iraq.
After the great flood, Noah a.s. and his followers out of the ship. They were saying grace to Allah. who had saved them from the punishment of the flood. Not long after that, the Noah to build settlements in the new place. They then multiply, so that more and more followers of Noah. Descendants of those who go abroad and then there left that place and find a new place. That said, they moved to what is now mainland Europe and Africa.

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